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DynDNS service for home users and commercial users

Would you like to operate your own web server or IP cam and access it publicly?

The problem is changing the IP address (dynamic) of your DSL line, usually every 24 hours. This means that your home network can no longer be accessed using external static methods.
With our Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service, we offer you the option of operating your applications on a mobile, external static basis.
Anyone who wishes to operate a home server, web server, FTP server, NAS, team viewer or IP cam at home can set up a DynDNS account and, by doing so, make their own home network accessible "publicly" with a fixed IP address.
Simply register for free, create the update URL and input the data from your account (DDClient) to your router,
e.g. Fritzbox from AVM or Speedport router from Telekom or, if your router does not have the option
-> DynDNS provider -> "other provider" or "custom", use our DynDNS Update Tool V3.0e - done!
You can find detailed instructions with tips and information in your account (DDClient) and on our FAQ page. It is
essential that you follow the safety instructions if you use a DDNS service and open your home network with port sharing enabled!
You can create up to 3 free DynDNS URLs (Pro Users + 10 host names) for private and commercial use, whether for home, company or school.
DynDNS service overview
Free User
subname freely selectable
3 subnames for free
Port input individually
IP update in real time
direct forwarding mode
manual IP update possible
subname can be deleted again
no forced login
update URL for many routers
Update Tool can be used
Pro User
10 domains can be used
IPv4 and IPv6 support
port scan and ping test integrated
host name -> IP is resolved
IP update counter with RESET
Mail Exchange and Wildcard
SMS IP monitoring can be used
SPF filter activation
Update Tool can be used optionally
IP update in real time
Update Tool
can be used by Free & Pro Users
no installation required
tool runs independently
works without router entries
IP update in real time
up to 10 IP updates
working method: JAVA client
for every operating system
graphical user interface
IP update timer 15 - 60 minutes

Using the DynDNS service as a Free User

For applications such as operating your home computer as a web server to publish websites, a Free User account is the right and affordable choice. The connection is made in direct forwarding mode (domain forwarding to your IP address) to the port you entered and the http protocol. If you need another protocol, we recommend upgrading to a Pro User account. The port setting can be changed at any time.
You do not have to be a "server master" to run your own web server or online IP cam. You can find detailed instructions in your DDClient. Our Support Team are happy to help you by answering your questions by email.
As a free user, you can use our DDNS service in different ways:
- with a router that supports dynamic updates (DynDNS provider [user defined]), e.g. Fritzbox
- without additional software and router entries, with a manual update from the Free User account menu
- You don't want your computer to run all the time, but should be publicly accessible with your current IP address
  when it starts? Use the DynDNS "Custom Url" for free users, no router entries are required, just enable the port
  in the router and start "Custom Url" - done! The update interval timer is set to 25 minutes. The update tool
  must be active. You can find more information in the DynDNS manual and in the FAQs in your account.
- with our Update Tool V3.0e [for Windows, Linux, MAC and other operating systems (JAVA client)]
- determine your own, current IP address - How is my IP address? or use GeoIP location
DynDNS Free-User Account Demo
Last update = time of the last IP check of your router, manual update or Update Tool

Using DynDNS service as a Pro User

A Pro User account is available for professional applications. The use of a Pro User account is extensive and covers all your needs.
Some examples of applications:
Game servers, NAS, home servers, web servers, databases, routers, FTP, IP cams, VPN, VPS, remote desktops, team viewers, surveillance systems, heating controls, solar systems, Teamspeak 3, video surveillance and many other applications.
- You have the choice of different protocols: http, https, ftp, ftps, ftpes
- 10 DynDNS host names can be created, with 10 different domain names to choose (In order to make it fair for
  others users, each user can only use one host name once)
- Features included: A Record IPv4, AAA Record IPv6, NS Record Name Server, MX Record Mail Exchange, SPF
  filter, CNAME Wildcard function, port scan, ping test, update counter with a RESET function
- A manual IP update is also possible in your Pro User account
- You can change the DynDNS settings later using the "Settings" button
Users who do not have their home computer online permanently can use the "Custom Url". When your computer starts up, an IP update with the "Custom Url" is immediately carried out on your DynDNS host and then every 15 minutes. This means that your computer does not have to be in constant operation but when starting up, you can reach immediately your computer with the DynDNS host publicly. For an IP update a web browser that works with "auto start" is required. You do not need to make any DynDNS settings in the router, the "Custom Url" carries out the IP update. Each DynDNS host can also be updated individually. Just release the required port in the router and start "Custom Url" - done! Further information can be found in your Pro User account under "Instructions".
For users with Speedport routers, we have programmed a special update URL, thanks to which this router can also be used for an IP update. To do so, the Speedport router must be equipped with the "other provider" or "custom" option.
DynDNS Pro-User Account Demo
Types of IP updates:
IP Update Fritzbox
Fritzbox   •   
IP Update anderer Router
different router   •   
IP Update manuelles Update
manual update   •   
IP Update mit Update Tool
Update Tool
The IP update is always displayed in real time during an update
IP Monitoring - monitor your current IP address
As an additional option, IP monitoring is available, allowing you more mobility!
Monitor your current IP address: activate the SMS notification (requires SMS credit, which you can easily top up in your account via PayPal) and you will receive an SMS in the event of inaccessibility and, again, when accessible. This means you can be sure that your applications are online and that there are no faults. Permanent monitoring of your applications (such as home servers, NAS, video monitoring systems, IP cams, FTP and databases) gives you more freedom. You can integrate a graphical, percentage based "online time" display on your website.

DynDNS Update Tool V3.0e

If your router does not support the option "DynDNS provider [custom]", you can use our Update Tool to update your IP. The newly designed "Update Tool V3.0e" can be used by both Free Users and Pro Users at the same time. You can freely choose between Free and Pro User use when operating the tool. The update time can be set continuously between 15 - 60 minutes. For the proper functioning of the tool, JAVA must be installed on your computer/server or notebook (the appropriate version for your operating system). You can find further information under DynDNS Update Tool V3.0e.

What does our dynamic DNS service cost?

Our DynDNS service, in German and English, is free of charge up to 3 Dyn domains [subdomains] (DynDNS Free User account) and offers you an inexpensive alternative in direct forwarding mode. Please read our Rules of use carefully and completely. Pro Users can set up 10 Urls [host names] with 10 different domains for 8,90 USD/year. As a Pro User, you can continue using your Free User account, with 7 additional Dyn domains automatically activated.
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Do you need assistance?
Our support team are available to help you by email and are happy to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

The DynDNSs.net team wish you every success with bringing your internet projects to life!
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