DynDNS Updater Url Informations - FAQ Questions & Answers

May I use my router for this service?
Yes, the router must support only [user defined] dynamic services, enter the Updater Url like this:
(Do not use Fritzbox (AVM.de), then please put » &updater=other - at the end of one!)
For detailed instructions on how to configure your Fritzbox from AVM.de, please refer to your DynDNS Account,
on top with the link "Code Installation".
Specifically, use the following for SPEEDPORT ROUTER url:
May I use this service also in another way?
Yes, you can use our free DynDNS Updater Tool or perform a manual update (free account)
Your Operator from DynDNSs.net
There currently are 129966 Dyn Domains and 162323 user registrier.
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