Use our DynDNS Updater Tool V3.0e

We often get requests like:
"What do I do if the option [User defined] or [Custom] is missing in the menue [DynDNS Provider]?
 May I use your DynDNS service nevertheless or do I have to add another router?"
"I do have 4 webcams (IP cams) and want to run them simultaneously (in parallel) and achieve them statically
 from extern; but in my router (Fritzbox) I only can enter one DynDNS update url, how can I achieve this?"

The solution is our DynDNS Updater Tool V3.0e

DynDNS Update Tool
DynDNS Update Tool features
- For each operating system (Windows, Linux, MAC etc.), it only needs to have Java installed on your server, nas,
  pc or laptop
- The operation of this DynDNS Updater Tool is independent of any router, you do not need to carry out
  router entries any more
- No installation required on your operating system, easy to use (you do not have to be a servermaster or
- In conjunction with the icon of the Updater - the update time is displayed in your Free Account or
  Pro User Account in real time
- Up to 10 applications (Dyn Domains) can be used in parallel and simultaneously, ip cams, servers, NAS,
  home server etc.
- Update time of 15 minutess to 60 minutes adjustable, in operation in the taskbar minimized
- Your account (DDClient) is automatically activated for use immediately after tool activation
What should I note while using this Updater Tool?
You personally can use unlimited period of time on each of your homeserver, nas, computer DynDNS this tool. Each user will receive a single use license from us, a transfer to third parties (not beneficial owner) is prohibited, this software tool is subject to our copyright. Use is only permitted for our portal. You can use the update tool as a free user and pro user.
What does the DynDNS Update Tool cost?
The use of our software tool costs USD 7,90 per year, there are no further monthly costs. There is no automatic renewal, so you don't shoot a subscription. Before the DynDNS update tool expires, you will receive two emails informing you that your tool will expire on the day and can be extended for another year if necessary. An early extension is possible at any time. You can use the tool as a free user and as a pro user. 99% availability is guaranteed with our Dyndns server (DNS server).
Would you like to use this DynDNS Update Tool?
After you have created your DynDNS account, you will find the "Update Tool" button in the account, where you can book the tool. Payment is processed via PayPal. After your payment was successful you will be automatically redirected to your account and your tool is now unlocked as well and the license key is created. Then you can download your tool and the invoice. A detailed guide with description and pictures can also be found under this button. The use of the DynDNS updater tool is possible privately and commercially. Please note the usage informations in the Terms of Service.
If you have any further questions you can contact us: Contact Form

We wish you much success and pleasure when using our DynDNS Updater Tool and service.

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